Water is life - and our most important food. Although residues of more than 50,000 substances can be found in drinking water, there are only a handful of limit values ​​and even less legal provisions. Sewage treatment plants can not remove all loads. Even if the water suppliers feed clean and germ-free water into the municipal pipeline, it is not guaranteed that it will come out of your tap at the end of the pipeline. For this reason, a profound filtration just before the sampling point is useful to protect the health of your family. The MMS-Water-Filter is a three-stage drinking water filter with top performance and a hygienic quick-change system. The filter mechanically removes substances and suspended matter such as asbestos fibers greater than 0.1 micron. Thus, the filter is up to 50 times more thorough than conventional devices with 5 micron pore size. In addition, the MMS-Water-Filter filters chlorine and chlorine compounds (CFCs), organic compounds such as pesticides and pesticide residues, herbicides, insecticides, drug residues, hormones and hormone-like substances, odors, discolourations, metals and heavy metals (e.g., lead, iron and copper). It can also largely remove micro-plastic beads, aluminum (geo-engineering), as well as glyphosate and glyfosinate, which have recently been found in drinking water. The micro-membrane system (MMS) also allows effective removal (99.9999%) of bacteria, fungi and parasites and makes the water microbiologically pure.

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