ProNatu reduced Glutathione:
Protects against free radicals and reactivates oxidatively consumed vitamins C and E

For the nutritive supply of glutathione to support healthy cell function.

Glutathione is a proprietary peptide compound based on the three amino acids glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine. It supplies the blood with oxygen and is a tip for keeping healthy to old age. The importance of this substance can be seen in the fact that all cells use glutathione.

Glutathione acts as an antioxidant throughout the body and can render free radicals harmless. It supports the regeneration of vitamin C and E, two other antioxidants.

This glutathione is in reduced form and can therefore be optimally utilized by the body.

- protects cells and tissues
- supports the liver
- important for central biochemical processes
- can provide radiant light skin

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ProNatu S-Acetyl - L-Glutathione tablets 100 mg

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