ProNatu Sodium bicarbonate/ Soda - pharmaceutical quality

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Sodium bicarbonate (other names: sodium bicarbonate, (bicarbonate of) soda, sodium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, bicarbonate, baking soda, salt Bullrich, E 500II)

Chem. Rein., Eur. Ph.,
USP MG 84.01 g / mol,
pharmaceutical quality
CAS-No. 144-55-8, E500

Household use:
* As a leavening
* for softening water
* As a cleaning agent to remove encrusted food debris
* To neutralize odors
* Neutralize hyperacidity (heartburn, Bullrichsalz)
* for pH value buffering
* Soda for cooking
* Baking soda
* and many other things

250g, 500g, 1000g in Pharma can (with tamper-evident seal) for easy resealing

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