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Visit a doctor or medical practitioner

Here you will find general information about your health. Of course, this information can not replace a visit to a medical practitioner or physician. They should also not be caused to unauthorized modification of existing treatments, or self-treatment.
Statements about healing

We are legally you are obliged to inform you of the following now:
The contents of our pages were created with great care. For the correctness, completeness and topicality of contents we cannot take any responsibility.
Information on our websites are solely informative and does not represent salvation statements or a substitute for medical treatment represents.
The risk associated with an incorrect diagnosis or treatment can be reduced by consulting medical professionals.
Therapy, diagnosis and diseases are reserved solely by the law of the doctors, healers and psychotherapists.
If indications, dosages, and applications are mentioned by certain methods on our pages, no responsibility is assumed for possible medical intentions or practices.
The user will be required to determine through consultation of the above specialists, whether the guideline and recommendations apply to the concrete case.
The use and verification of information is the sole responsibility of the user.
Any application dosage or therapy is done at your own risk.
Invalidates individual statements do not affect the validity of other points.
The current case law applies in principle.


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