Calcium-Magnesium capsules

Calcium & Magnesium

Calcium and magnesium are two important minerals.

The characteristics of Calcium:

  • Contributes to the normal functioning of the digestive system
  • Helps to release energy from fat, carbohydrates and protein
  • Is necessary for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth
  • Helps maintain normal muscle function
The characteristics of Magnesium:
  • Contributes to normal protein synthesis and muscle function
  • Contributes to brain and nerve functions involved in learning
  • Supports the teeth and for maintaining strong bones
  • Promotes energy metabolism
  • Helps to maintain the normal balance of water and minerals in the management of the body

Calcium and magnesium support each other, so they are convenient together in a single capsule. It is important to take into calcium, along with magnesium. The ingestion of a substance increases after all, the need for the other mineral.

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ProNatu 120 Calcium-Magnesium Capsules

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