Vitamin B-Complex capsules

Where are B vitamins good for?

The B vitamins are essential for the human body and thus "essential". The joint development of this club vitamins necessary including in and / or responsible for:

  • Cell metabolism
  • Health of skin, hair and eyes
  • Digestion is improving
  • Conversion of fructose into energy
  • Oxygen transport through the blood
  • Reduction of withdrawal symptoms (among others to stop smoking)
  • Relief of symptoms of, inter alia, rheumatoid arthritis and migraines
  • Resistance to infection (better immune system)
  • Reduction of the risk of a variety of allergies
  • Prevention of low blood sugar
  • Positive effect against dementia
  • Nervous system remains healthy
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Responsible for the production of blood
  • Prevention of wrinkles
  • maintain a healthy cholesterol level
  • Optimal oxygen supply to the muscles and brains
  • Creation of anti-stress hormones
  • Reduction of the risk of different types of cancer

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ProNatu 120 Vitamin B-Complex Capsules

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