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We are very pleased to offer you the latest products that are to get at the moment on the market after a long search. So, for example, the new generation CDS plus the company Atlantis Larimar International Trading Limited. But the rest of our products have food-, bio- and / or laboratory quality.

Our dietary supplements, creams and ointments are 100% natural and without chemical additives or preservatives.

Feel free to look at our informative pages and product information to.

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for orders of ointments and creams:

In order to keep the delivery short time, these products are sent in the summer time only from Monday to Wednesday.
Unless the temperatures allow for something else or you specifically want it.

Not only children and animals are warm in the car, but also these products.


Important message!!

Between the 15.08. - 17.08.2018, as 22.08. - 24.08.2018 no orders will be shipped.

We hope for your understanding.

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A great success are the ProNatu healthy and effective Creams and ointments.

Our cosmetic creams and ointments are filled in blue and Bronglasses crucibles and are available in 50g and
100g ( 2 x 50g ) advantage packs!!

Our recommendation!!

ProNatu Multi Silvercream or Moringa Oleifera facial & skin cream against sun allergy, burns, insect bites, etc.
ProNatu Blood- and lymph system cleaning ointment made of 14 natural products.


Foot- & Nailfungus-
Set BV

Heavy metal detoxification kit by Dr. Klinghardt
Set Simple Version
Heavy metal detoxification kit
by Dr. Klinghardt
Set Professional Version
Parasites excretion kit
by Dr. A. Kalcker
Set CDS Version
Parasites excretion kit
by Dr. A. Kalcker
Set MMS Version

A beautiful idea for a healthy gift!

Offer health with a gift voucher


                 Feverfew Extrakt                                                  Reduced L-Glutathion
                                  50 or 100 ml                                                            250 or 500 mg
                                                          60 or 120 Stück


The Detox electrolysis foot bath with accessories is the TOP solution for the detoxification of the body and the heavy metal detachment



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