ProNatu OPC-95 Vegi - Capsules

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Article: ProNatu OPC 95 Vegi - Capsules
Active ingredient: 95 OPC Grape Seed Extract (95% proanthocyanidins)
Packing:      90 Capsules (pill box with sealed hinged lid)
Packaging: 180 Capsules (pill box with sealed hinged lid)
Content per capsule: 140 mg OPC Grape Seed Extract 95 (95% proanthocyanidins)

Without further additions!
Capsule shell: cellulose plant fiber
Pharmaceutical form: vegetarian capsule
Best quality

ProNatu® OPC-95 Vegi - Capsules

OPC is an abbreviation for Oligomereproanthocyanidine. It belongs to the group of polyphenols and thus to the so-called. Phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are bioactive substances in the plant and, inter alia, include protection, artificial colors or flavors and tannins. One finds this plant substances, especially where the plant will be protected against environmental influences: In plant-skin and seeds. In addition, by polyphenols and oils in the plant from oxidation - protect - that is, before the decomposition.

These protective substances are present in many leaves, shells, bark and seeds. Some of the plants and fruits we can eat some are not.
OPC is mainly in the nuclei of grape, in leaves and skins of the red grapes. Low levels are also present in Ginkgo leaves, coconuts and some other plants.

OPC was discovered in 1948 by the French explorer Jack Masquelier. It is mainly present in grape seeds and thus also in red wine. To record containing the 2 capsules amount of OPC, but one would have to consume about 2 liters of red wine.

Due to modern processing methods and durability of our food, however, many of these important secondary plant substances are almost completely disappeared from our food chain. Therefore, it may be useful to them as a food supplement - to take - without harmful side effects.


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