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Our Affiliate Terms and Conditions

1. Preamble
The Company ProNatu – Owner Anke Beaumont, hereinafter referred to briefly ProNatu offers in your webshop an affiliate program, hereinafter referred to as Portal, to. This is offered by so-called affiliate networks. The affiliate hereinafter referred to as contractors want to participate in the affiliate program. The partner program is an offer the company ProNatu - Owner Anke Beaumont.. For all partner contracts exclusively to the following terms and conditions apply. They also apply to all future business relations, even if they are not expressly agreed again. They are recognized by the registration for the affiliate program. Differing terms and conditions of the participant provided that they were not expressly accepted in writing by an authorized representative of the company ProNatu, inadmissible.

2. Conclusion of Contract
A contract is for registration of the participant upon the acceptance by the company ProNatu. The employees of the company ProNatu are not authorized to make verbal subsidiary agreements or give verbal assurances which go beyond the content of the contract. Contractors may be any legally incompetent or any limited legal capacity, from a legally competent legal representatives represented, natural person. Contractors can also legal persons, represented by their respective legal representatives, be. Contractors may continue only those persons or entities are involved directly or indirectly in the sale of products the company ProNatu outside of the affiliate program. The contractor will in no way act as sales representative or commission agent within the meaning of the Commercial Code for the company ProNatu. The contractor is not entitled to issue offers on behalf of the company ProNatu or to accept or to represent the company ProNatu. The other party is not involved in the settlement of the purchase contracts between the company and the end customer ProNatu. The contract does not act as a sales representative or commission agent of the company ProNatu and ensures that there is no such impression by designing his website.

3. Application
Each participant must register by logging on to the company ProNatu. When registering, the participant's name in the companies also the authorized representative, as well as postal address indicated (no PO Box), telephone, e-mail address and the address of his website. For companies, the tax identification number is in addition (Tax ID) specify. Participants of the partner program are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of information in relation to the company ProNatu. The contractor will at no time contractors of those customers who access services of ProNatu via the link. The exclusive contractual partner of the customer is the company ProNatu. The acceptance of the registration for the affiliate program through the company ProNatu establishes a contractual relationship between the company and the ProNatu contractors. It is at the discretion of the company ProNatu to reject any application. The rejection can be done without giving any reason. A legal claim for participation. The valid when the application terms and conditions. By sending the application to the company ProNatu these are accepted.

4. Agreement subject
Agreement subject is the successful claim related, billed placement of the links for the sale of the company ProNatu, by the contracting party. The company provides the ProNatu contractors a variety of graphic and text links, hereinafter referred to as links, for contractual use. The use of links to be solely on the specified in the application site.  The specifications of the company ProNatu regarding the use of links must be observed.

5. Information requirements
The contracting party is obliged to pay a full and correct postal address in the imprint of his website.

6. Remuneration of Partners
The remuneration of the partner for the provide electronic services, as well as the circuit of electronic displays is done based on performance. The counterparty will receive for each product that is sold on the published shop module, a commission. The commission is excluding accordance with § 19. The currently applicable VAT. The invoicing and payment of commission credit to the contractor happens monthly on the 30th day of the month, the minimum payout is 10, - Euro. If the balance an amount of 200, - Euro, the contractor may request payment at any time, but no more than twice a month. The contractor is responsible to deposit its current bank account in the company ProNatu. The partners shall be liable for incorrectly conveyed bank. The contractor shall be liable in the event of incorrect transfer to one stored by false bank account data for the additional costs incurred for the chargeback through the bank, in the amount of the costs charged by the bank charges this chargeback. The size of this will be brought by the commission deducted. The amount of compensation is individually with each contractor. Sales are only considered for calculating the advertising fee if the sale, supply and the complete payment of the goods are actually completed. Returns, sales tax and credits are deducted from the advertising fee. A claim for reimbursement of expenses and costs in connection with the Affiliate Program - Campaigning is excluded. The company ProNatu reserves the right to make changes to the full basic price of the company products ProNatu.

7. Integrating the company ProNatu by the partners
The contracting party shall publish the advertising media offered by the company ProNatu to free decision on his side. It is published via a provided by the company ProNatu electronic link (called link), the slipstreams of contractors on its Internet presence and refers to the shop of the company ProNatu. If it is published, the partners, unchanged integrate the link generated by the company on its Internet presence ProNatu committed. In particular, changes relating to the connected to the electronic shop advertising or the publication of the terms and conditions for end customers, the contractors are not allowed. The contractor is fully responsible for the establishment, operation and maintenance of its website and for all materials that appear on the website of the contractor. This responsibility relates in particular to the technical operation of the site and the necessary technical systems. The contractor guarantees that the material will not infringe rights of third parties on its side, is otherwise illegal or objectionable and neither the business interests of the company ProNatu nor the reputation of the company ProNatu impaired. The company ProNatu reserves the right to registered sites with technical means and bypassing the server side of existing rules, to investigate on such content. Further may be included on the website of the contractor no evidence of other sources of supply for products of the company ProNatu. The contractor provides the Company ProNatu from all third party claims and the costs associated with the necessary defense against such claims, which are related to the factors under the control of the contractor installing, operating or maintenance, as well as the content of the page, free. The contractor omits all actions affecting the functionality of the software or system and is liable for all damages incurred by the company ProNatu such acts. This applies to software and systems from the company ProNatu, as well as software and third-party systems, particularly potential customers. When deliberate attempt of a contractor to influence by tampering the statistics and therefore to be paid to it will, an appropriate penalty will be charged. The same applies when an already excluded due to breach of contract users participate in the program again under a false name or trying to participate. As manipulation is in principle any attempt to the systems and the accounting principle by any method or means to get around. This includes in particular that the originally planned and offered by the company ProNatu Links modified or used in a non-energized websites, and that the systems of the company ProNatu by any method or means for counting and registration of not actually in the economic sense takes place or be initiated. only feigned or successes were.
The contractor directs his site not in a way one, evokes the likelihood of confusion with the website of the company ProNatu. The contracting party may not use materials from the company ProNatu that were not approved for the affiliate program.

8. Contractual relationships with end customers
Customers, who purchase products from a link partner, are customers of the company ProNatu. Between these customers and the company ProNatu created an independent legal relationship that is independent of any legal relationship between the contractor and the customer who visits the site of the partner. Thus, only the rules, guidelines and business practices of the company in terms of customer ProNatu orders, customer service and product sales apply to the customer. The company ProNatu can always change policies and Operating and order technical processes. Product prices and availability are subject to change temporarily.

9. Requests / Order processing
The Company ProNatu reserves the right to reject inquiries and orders which do not meet the requirements to be created in each of the company ProNatu. The company ProNatu also reserves the right to reject orders from customers who are known to have bad credit. The company ProNatu is responsible for all processing and execution of orders. In that regard, the company created as ProNatu order forms, books payments, executes cancellations and returns through and takes care of the customer.

10. Sales Reports
The company ProNatu recorded sales that come through the shop of the partner state and represents the contractors summary statistics available. The form and content of the statistics may be modified by the company at any time ProNatu.

11. Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer
So far below indicates otherwise, the liability of the company ProNatu (eg for lost profits, loss of data or interruptions or errors in the operation of the partner's website), in connection with this agreement - for whatever legal reasons - are excluded. Insofar as the liability of the company ProNatu is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of employees, representatives and agents. The company ProNatu assumes no liability and provides no assurances with regard to, or the products sold on your site (including ie warranty for aptitude of products for contractual or ordinary purpose, non-infringement or any other warranties from the contract or commercial usage result). In addition, the company ensures ProNatu not allow the operation of your site will be uninterrupted or error free; for the consequences of any interruptions or errors over the company ProNatu no liability.

12. Term / Termination
This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period and may at any time be terminated by either party without notice. The company ProNatu reserves the right to withhold your final payment for three months in order to ensure the payment of the proper amount can. Compensation and compensation claims on the basis of ordinary and extraordinary termination are excluded.

13. Changes of conditions
Should the company ProNatu change the conditions of this Agreement, the Company ProNatu indicates this by a change notification and sends to the contractor the new version of this Agreement. To clarify, it is agreed that set out rights and obligations still agreed for current periods fee schedules are affected to the detriment of the partner by such a change, neither the other in this contract. Should the contracting party with a change do not agree, a termination of the agreement at any time.

14. Confidentiality
Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement or there is a consent of the other party, are comprehensive, in particular the provisions of this Agreement, business and financial information, customer and vendor lists, and pricing and sales information, to treat as strictly confidential. Such confidential information may be used directly or indirectly for our own economic purposes or for other purposes. Passwords are kept in a safe and may not be reposted.

15. Jurisdiction
All disputes arising under this contract shall be the court of jurisdiction Rotterdam. It is governed by Dutch law.

16. Severability / Severability
Should one or provision of this Agreement invalid or unenforceable, the enforceability or enforceability of the remaining provisions. The parties will in this case, the invalid or unenforceable provision, economically close as possible to determine, agree. The same applies to any loopholes.