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A strong partnership program with lucrative conditions!


Support us by becoming a partner of the firm ProNatu.

As a participant of our affiliate program you will help us to be more quickly known in a wider environment and also earn some money there.

Your advantage: For orders through your website, you get 15% commission paid monthly.

Get 15% commission on their orders. Even on its own orders, or orders that go to your address you will receive a 15% commission.

We build on fair cooperation. No tricks or other hidden costs to come to you. Once a customer orders via the link of your website, this is as long as you participate in the affiliate program, keep your customer.

A customer comes through the ProNatu banner, which is integrated into your website, in our shop and ordered goods worth 100 euros. This means that in the first week of the following month a commission of 15 Euro, reduced the VAT. Get paid. All you need is nothing else to do. Every customer who comes to our webshop via the link of your website and buys something, you can earn money. Even if the same customer purchases a next time directly in our shop, but the 15% commission will be charged to you.

Let us work for you: ProNatu operates the shop and provides you with the promotional links available. You only need once our link on your website to install and you will get at a orders at the beginning of the following month a commission payment of 15% of the purchase value decreased with the VAT., Without having to do more for it.

Join us now!
You will receive with your registration exclusive access to our partner area and can always check your stats. Choose from a wide selection of banners. All you have to do: Just copy the code into your website.

ProNatu operates the Webshop, takes care of the products, payment processing and shipping. You incur no costs. Neither a registration fee,  additional fees. In addition, there is no notice.