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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I have a partner cost?
A: No, there are no entry fees or any other costs that might result in our affiliate program by participating. Furthermore, they have no investment costs for goods purchasing, warehouse, shop, shipping, advertising, etc.

Q: How long do I have to join when I signed up?
A: There is no prescribed time for participation in the Affiliate Program by the company ProNatu. If you no longer wish to participate for any reason, remove the link from your website and sign up with the company ProNatu as contractors from. There is no notice period. Then occurs at the end of the month or the final settlement and payment of your current commissions.

Q: How do I embed links in my site a
A: After logging in our affiliate program you will find in the box a menu item Portal Banner. You already can find a variety of pre-made banners that you can use immediately. You must copy the HTML source code in the box below it into your website. Next you have the opportunity to speak directly with a product in our shop to link. To do this, the Product ID in the field provided and click "Next". The code is generated automatically and can then be incorporated by you to the predetermined location in your site. Should you not be able to integrate to be able to HTML in your website, please contact your server administrator or the manufacturer of your site.

Q: When a customer comes through my link on the website and does not buy right away but comes back later and then buys, I get even commission?
A: Yes. If the customer has "cookies" enabled in the browser, you will get up to 24 hours after the forwarding in the event of a purchase commission. If the customer has "Cookies" is not activated, the customer is leaving the shop technically no longer recognizable as mediated customer and crediting of commission cannot take place, therefore.

Q: Can I include a link to any web page if I run several websites?
A: No, each site must be registered separately to the commission to settle properly. The company ProNatu reserves the right to refuse sites for participation if the content of the website in any way is illegal or immoral, or harms the reputation or prestige of the company ProNatu.

Q: Will I get referral fees?
A: You get out of any paid and shipped order to individually agreed percentage of turnover if the customer has come to our shop on your website and the product you bought. The payments are carried out on a monthly basis to the 30th day. The minimum payout is € 10,00. If your placement fees have reached a level of € 200.00, you can request the payment monthly. 10 days after sending the order will be credited to the affiliate account you your commission. See the Box Portal further the opportunity to view the statistics of your success.

Q: Do I have a company to take part?
A: No, the Affiliate Company ProNatu can basically take any legally incompetent person who operates a website. However, also of individuals the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) observed for the affiliate program.

Q: Will also purchases ever made by the partners themselves reimbursed?
A: Yes, all transactions which are delivered in the budget of the registered partner or were ordered from there are included in the remuneration.