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We are very pleased to offer you the latest products that are to get at the moment on the market after a long search. So, for example, the new generation CDS plus the company Atlantis Larimar International Trading Limited. But the rest of our products have food-, bio- and / or laboratory quality.

Our dietary supplements, creams and ointments are 100% natural and without chemical additives or preservatives.

Feel free to look at our informative pages and product information to.

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We would like to point out that we in the period of 13. - 17.10.2016 send any orders.

A great success, the ProNatu healthy and effective creams and ointments.

Our cosmetic creams are now packaged in blue glass crucible and are available in 50g or 2 x 50g packets advantage !!

Our recommendation!!

ProNatu Multi silver cream or Moringa oleifera Face & Skin Cream for sun allergy, burns, insect bites etc.

ProNatu Silver ointment for fungal infections, for example: Athlete's foot, nail fungus etc.



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                  Curcuma / Piperin Capsules                                             OPC 95 Capsules

The Detox foot bath electrolysis with accesoires is the top solution for detoxifying the body and heavy metal



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